Seller questions

Answers to all of your Seller questions.

Getting started

How does the selling process work?
  1. Sign up – provide basic details about your home, set your reserve price and seller’s terms
  1. Listing creation – we do all the heavy lifting and create your listing for free, including professional photos, video, 3D tours, pre-inspections, and more. For more information, check out our listing FAQs
  1. Pre-bid starts – qualified buyers can view and save your home on pocket and register to attend the exclusive preview
  1. Bidding opens – the bidding period lasts 7 days. During this time, we encourage you to answer buyer questions and respond to comments.   
  1. Pick the best offer – at the end of bidding, if your reserve price is met, the winning bidder is sent a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) to sign as a formal offer. For more information, check out our post-bid FAQs.
  1. Sign – once you and the buyer have signed the PSA, the PSA becomes a legally binding agreement. 
  1. Close – the closing process is not handled by pocket. However, we do have preferred closing partners. To learn more about the closing process, check out our guide to navigating the closing process.

What is a pocket listing?

A pocket listing provides buyers with the information they need to make intelligent offers and sellers with offers that close quicker. Every home listed on pocket includes:

  • Seller’s terms – the terms that the seller is willing to accept from the highest bidder when their reserve is met at the end of bidding.
  • Due diligence documents – preliminary title report/title commitment, pre-inspection report, seller’s disclosure and Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)
  • Neighborhood data – school ratings, crime rankings, and demographic information.
  • Price Information – neighborhood and metro home value appreciation comparisons, historical sales price(s), average neighborhood home price, and estimated rental value compared to average neighborhood rent.
  • Bid analytics – all bids, bidding trends over time, average bid increase, number of bidders and bidding frequency. 
  • Direct access to the seller – live commenting and seller Q + A.


Do I have to have a pre-inspection?

Yes. A pre-inspection is required for a home to be listed on pocket. Providing prospective buyers with a pre-inspection report promotes transparency, instills buyer confidence and leads to higher offers.

How do I prepare for photos?

Getting your home photo-ready is a simple and easy process. To prepare your home for photos:

  1. Declutter – make sure your home is picked up and organized, that beds are made, and personal items you don’t want photographed are stored.
  2. Clean – hire a professional to clean everything and everywhere. Windows, appliances, light fixtures and anything in-between. The cleaner your home is the better your photos will look.
  3. Landscape – to what degree depends on the home but at a minimum the yard(s) should be cleaned and freshened up. Rake, mow, add new mulch – whatever is relevant.
  4. Turn lights on – every light in every room.
  5. Open it up – all interior doors, shades, blinds, curtains, etc. should be open to let in natural light and provide a spacious feel.

Most importantly, don’t worry. Our professional photographers are amazing and we will be there the day of the shoot to ensure your home is looking its best.

What documents are required to list on pocket?

To list on pocket, the seller is required to provide proof of ownership and a seller’s disclosure.

Proof of ownership – can be proven by providing one of the following:

  1. Property deed
  2. Purchase documents
  3. Property tax receipts
  4. Mortgage payment records
  5. Homeowners insurance policy in the seller’s name

Seller’s disclosure – this is a legal document that outlines a home’s history and lists any issues that the seller is aware of. For more information, check out our guide to creating a seller disclosure statement.

What is a seller’s disclosure?

A seller’s disclosure statement, commonly known as a seller’s disclosure, is a legal document that outlines a home’s history and lists any issues that the seller is aware of. The seller’s disclosure is provided by the seller to the buyer before closing in order to help the buyer make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase a home.

For more information, check out seller’s disclosure explained and our guide to creating a seller’s disclosure.

What is earnest money?

Earnest money is the standard good faith deposit paid by the buyer to the seller after the seller accepts the buyer’s offer. The amount is generally 1%-3% of the sale price and is later applied to the buyer’s closing costs or down payment.

For more information, check out earnest money explained.

What type of financing should I accept?

That’s completely up to you. However, it is important to note that all pocket buyers have been qualified by either a pre-approval letter from their lender or a proof of funds document from their bank.

Who creates the listing?

We do. We manage the entire process from start to finish and will be onsite to oversee photography and the pre-inspection.

For more information, check out the listing section in our guide to selling with pocket.


What is an exclusive preview?

An exclusive preview is a private showing for qualified buyers. Each home has a single-day exclusive preview at a date and time selected by the seller. As soon as an exclusive preview is scheduled, qualified buyers will be invited to attend.


What else do I need to know about bidding?

Important things to know about bidding:

  • Bids are not legal offers. The winning bid becomes a legal offer when it is added to the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) as the purchase price and then signed by the winning bidder.
  • By bidding, buyers have agreed to your (seller’s) terms.
  • The minimum bid increase is $100.
  • Your reserve price is not displayed but every listing indicates whether or not the reserve has been met.
  • If a new bid is made within the last 5 minutes of the bidding period, 5 additional minutes are added to the bid clock. This gives all buyers the opportunity to bid or re-bid up to their highest bid and provides the you with the highest possible sales price.

For more information about what happens after the bidding period, check out our post-bid FAQs.


How do I accept the buyer’s offer?

To accept the buyer’s offer, simply digitally sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA).

A few important things to know about the PSA:

  • The PSA is automatically sent to you immediately following the buyer’s signature.
  • The terms in the PSA will always be your terms, the same terms that you set when signing up.
  • The purchase price in the PSA is the final bid price at the end of the bidding period.
  • The buyer does not have the ability to change any of the terms, including the price, in the PSA. After receiving the PSA, the buyer is only able to add their contact information, title company and digitally sign.
  • All PSAs are signed through DocuSign’s secure platform.