A smarter way to buy.

The most data-driven, real-time and transparent home buying process.

Price and offer transparency.

Say goodbye to overbidding with the ability to see all existing offers and real-time pricing.

Intelligent offers.

Made by leveraging price and offer transparency, market insights and in-depth property data.

Instant feedback.

Know where your offer stands in real-time. No more wasting time, no more missing out.


All pocket listings are pre-qualified and include a pre-inspection report, preliminary title report and seller’s disclosure.

Exclusive homes.

Not found anywhere else, giving you access to more properties and a better home buying experience.

Direct access.

To the seller and pocket community for additional property details and neighborhood insights.

How to buy with pocket

Register in minutes.

Create a personalized profile with your home preferences, financing, and billing information.

View exclusive homes.

Detailed photos, 3D tours, video walkthroughs and a seller-hosted exclusive preview.

Make an intelligent offer.

Using real-time pricing, due diligence documents and market data with the click of a button.


At the end of bidding, if your offer is the highest and meets the seller’s terms, a purchase and sale agreement is automatically generated for both parties to sign.