Final Walkthrough

What is a Final Walkthrough?

The final walkthrough is the buyer’s opportunity to verify that home is in its promised condition right before finalizing the purchase. It’s the buyer’s last step in the closing process—occurring two days before closing day, after the inspection and any repairs, and usually (and ideally) after the seller has moved out. It’s attended by the buyer, the buyer’s agent (if they have one), and the seller and seller’s agent if the seller has not moved out yet.

During the final walkthrough, the buyer tours the home and checks that agreed-upon repairs were completed; the property is in good condition; the seller has moved out; all appliances and fixtures included in the purchase are still there.

Why does the Final Walkthrough matter?

The final walkthrough is important because it protects the buyer from finalizing the purchase of a home that has problems they weren’t previously aware of or that the seller failed to fix.

It’s the buyer’s last chance to ensure that the property is in the same or better condition than when they agreed to purchase it, meaning no damage was revealed or incurred when the seller moved out or that agreed-upon repairs were completed to the buyer’s satisfaction.

What to look for during a Final Walkthrough

The buyer should bring their inspection report and accepted offer letter to the final walkthrough. They should check that each agreed-upon repair was done to their satisfaction, and ask for all repair warranties and receipts.

The buyer should also confirm that:

  • The seller has fully moved out before closing
  • The home is secure (check that all locks, windows, and doors work, and screens are fastened)
  • All appliances work well (run all appliances)
  • The home is free from mold (check toilet bases, bathtub drains, sink cabinets, etc.)
  • All electrical outlets and switches work
  • The backyard or outdoor spaces are in good condition
  • The home is free from pests (signs of termites, rodents, ants, etc.)